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October IS, 1941.
Mr. August Scholle,
Michigan State Industrial
Onion Council,
303 Hoffman Building,
Detroit, Michigan.
Dear Sr. Scholle:
Chairman Eccles suggested that I send yon the enclosed
excerpts from his recant testimony on the price control bill, not with
the idea of seeking any correction, but merely to inform you as to
what the facts are concerning his viewpoint on inflation and the relationship to this problem of increasing wages, salaries, etc* He "was
prompted to do this because of clippings sent to him from your official
publication. One is a news story, which is a very much abbreviated
and garbled account, attributing to him the statement that ^wages and
salaries should be included in the price control bill.1* As a matter
of fact, he took just the opposite position*
The editorial under your signature says that nothing
was heard from Eccles when labor was fighting for its rights. That
statement is not in accord with the record, nor is it fair to say that
he proposed to solve threatened inflation Hby the simple device of
freezing wages*1* It is only because he has always conceded the right
to strikettiathe did not go further and say that lockouts and strikes
are intolerable at any time. Certainly, they are not desirable. But
I do not believe that you mean to suggest that the right to strike at
any time should not be tolerated by Government..
Since Sr. Bccies does not go along at all with the Brookings Institution attitude, he naturally did not like to be classed with
thest in your publication.
I would prefer to send you copies of the entire testiiuony,
but I do not have copies available and this testimony is pretty well
scattered over several days because members of the Committee kept> pressing on the labor issues. The enclosed quotations will, I think, make
clear just where he stands and I am sending these, not because I think
you would necessarily agree, but only because I feel that you have not
been adequately advised as to his attitude*
lours very truly,

Enclosures - %

Elliott Thurston,
Special Assistant
to the Chairman.