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December 5, 1940

My dear Mr, Attorney General:
Chairman Eccles requested me to send
you a copy of the attached address which he gave
before the National Industrial Conference Board
in New York last week.
He thought you might be interested in
seeing the full text in view of the fact that re­
ports appearing in the press were very Inaccurate.

Sincerely yours,

Elliott Thurston,
Special Assistant
to the Chairman.

The Honorable
The Attorney General
of the United States,
Washington, D. C.

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E c utiv e A s s is t a n t t o th e A t to r n e y G e n e r a l

department of Justice
December 7> 1940

Mr. Elliott Thurston
Special Assistant to the Chairman
Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System
Washington, D. C.
My dear Mr. Thurston:
The Attorney General has requested me
to acknowledge with thanks the copy of Chairman
Eccles’ speech, which you were good enough to
send to him.
Sincerely yours,

Special Execut

Assistant to the Attorney General