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Jtane 8£# 19M
* greater £»&**• of uniformity fei bunk examination
procedure by onamlniiig a^aneXe* of the Federal Govetta:»enfe
and of the state government* Ms be<m asde possible
an fty.rt#ca»nt r*»«h*d by th« Coa^ptrollar of
th« Eoard at Oov^mor* of tb#
0f fete INM^tml u#poslt i»«tirtinc« Covpor«tlorif
concurr«4 In by fete 8*t tonal A»«acIatlO2i of
Co#r«iln»tiBC wttli fehla >gy»T&<mt a« to bank
tmtion pr«ctle# Is a revision of t t e lflVft«tm«ut regulation
«hl«b f0Tems fete ««c rity ?uf»ah*M« whioh say be amd« by
national banks atid »t*t« banks whleh are «an!b«i*s «f th*
Federal Reserve sy«teau
The program ef «wwirAin*tlon vfoU&x has been agreed u^>on
oeneenis i t s e l f with fehs leans and IniresttteBfes which banks
«ay isake and their treatment in bank exanlmtlon and
It Is believed that t&« Interest of deposlters will be
protected as In the past and that the sound banks that were
epsned folloirln^ the banking holiday of 1933 will eoetlnxae
to be soundly e&&&&£feed and ade^untely supervised in fete

public Interest.

At thm *mm tlao 1* Is bopad that *mm

impmtm 4 M bo gltra to the flew of bank arodlt Into
bu«lna*s and Industry la tfe* lutarart of taofiaoia
for with « 5*nttun#at *ndi «a^uria^ ^wwipority will c-xtm
Miums«« «a4 a*f*ty for b*uk dopo*itox»«
Xt &*• boon Hftid fro^uoxitly In th* p&*t f«r
tho pr&©tl#« 0jT eXaa«ir^in^ certain loan*

prof it*bl© ndivtkctoot to busl&osa* Tte MWiwut «^leh bat
tkm uord "i l w " rro»
loan ola*firie«tlan»by «ac«atle^r» and oloarl|r define*
fcfe* Ifpaa of loan* ahloh i n oubj«ot to erltleltm*
or «iay«by«<iay fluetnation In th» ^4taot#dl •»luo of
lft?o*ts*nt »ocuriti«e In tho portfolio of tlio bank aaft
a^oa th« aequtftitloo of aoourltioa of ixjv«*t»
for oojatin^od rotontlon uatil ia»turity# ani
cpeoulatlo^ la •ocurltie*#

mo treatwaaa of

profit* frott appreciate aft«urltlaa will b# *nab aa to
tuarUmr &ln •m+vrmzmmnt to
by tank**

» 9«
Bfc* revision of tho Isxt o«taont rogvfc tlon
of lrw#«t&e&t »«O'urltl#» by

;es w i l l afcJNt po«»ibltrt an oxpojuilon of bunk cro<llt
in %h* fUlC

of fc&und loeal security

XlOVOw HXftO t*V^-tr 0 1 iiHtltUlt A Oft IJI^ t j l l n


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IW^jKWlS tii> 1 B Of

r*fer»r&4 to tho ymtla^c of «#4rarltlo* will brla§
sin Ifftpvovodi pmotloo In too testing of th#

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