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Detroit, Michigan,
April 6tk, 1939 •

Hon# Marriner S* Socles,
Chairman of Board of Governors,
Federal Reserve System,
Washington, E.G.
Honorable Sir:~
I have a printed copy of & speech by the Honorable
Barry F« Byrd as made on the Floor of the Senate under
date of 3/17/39 and a copy of a letter as written by him
to you under date of 1/16/39 on the subject of economic
problems & purchasing prosperity on borrowed money•
I would appreciate having your reply to Senator Byrdfs
letter so that I may study both the argument for & against
the spending policies?
Senator Byrd f s speech. & his open letter to you are so
convincing & so illustrated, that it would be unfair to
you for me not to have a copy of your letter to him*

Thanking you in advance*
Tery truly yours,
Detroit, Michigan*