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10/13/14 at Salem, South Dakota

Married - 2 sons
Education -

Salem District Schools
High School - 2 years
Defiance High School, Defiance, Ohio;— ? years
Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) - BA degree
American University, Graduate School (Mo. candidate for PH.D.)
(Was out of school from lune 1933 to Sept. 1937 because
depression - no money to continue)

Positions - Library of Congress (research) 11/1940 to 5/1942
Lt. Commander in Navy 5/1942 to 9/1946
"Teaching Fellow" while attending American Un. 9/46 to 8/47
Library of Congress - 3/1947 to time employed by Fed. Reserve
Salary Residence

Group S |4149«60-4902

(started at |4,149*60)

- 12 Perry Avenue, Kensington, Maryland
Member of Civile Service Retirement System
"Comments received about him are excellent, indicating that
his economic work at The Library of Congress has been
"not only satisfactory, but at times brilliant", that he
is "a hard worker, a clear thinker, and a good writer",
that he is a person of excellent character, with a vigorous
personality and the ability to cooperate well in working
with others.
Apparently a fine student - the record shows A and B grading