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Originated in 1934

G uests






Hon. Julius A, K r u g --------------- 194-3
Paul G. H o f f m a n ------------------- 1943
Hon. Harry S, T r u m a n -------------- 1944Charles E. W i l s o n ----------------- 1944Congressman Charles A, Hal l e e k --- 1944Major General Lewis B. H e r s h e y --- 194-£
Hon. Tom C. C l a r k ----------------- 1946
Admiral Ben M o r e e l l --------------- 194-6
Hon. Clinton A n d e r s o n --------- -■---194-7
Hon. Herbert H o o v e r --------------- 194-7
Dr. Robert M. H u t c h i n s ------------ 194-7
Thomas E. D e w e y ------------------- 194-7
Hon. Louis A. J o h n s o n ------------- 194-®
Senator Brien M c M a h o n ------------ - 194-8
Hon. Kenneth C. R o y a l l ------------ 194-®
Congressman Christian A. H e r t e r -- 194-®
Admiral Louis E. Denfeld, U S N -----194-9
Congressman P. Edward H e b e r t ------194-9
Captain Eddie V. Rickenbacker-----194-9
Hon. John W. S n y d e r --------------- 194-9
Hon. Charles S a w y e r --------------- 194-9
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Gilbert MacKay Associates

G U E S T S
ANDREAS, ALBERT M. --------- Chairman of the Board, North American
Cement Corporation.
ANDREAS, DWAYNE 0. ---------

Vice President, The Cargill Co.,
Minneapolis, Minnesota.

ARMINGTON, R. Q,. ----------- Vice President & General Manager, Euclid
Road Machinery Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
ATEN, C. N. ----------------

Vice President, United States Tobacco

AUSTIN, C. L. --------------

Executive Vice President & Treasurer, Jones
& Laughlin Steel Corporation, Pittsburgh.

AVNSOE, T. ----------------- Executive Vice President, Lone Star Cement
BADGER, E. B. -------------- President, E. B. Badger & Sons Co., Boston,
BAKER, M. H. ---------------

President, National Gypsum Company, Buffalo,
New York.

BECKER', NEAL D O W ----------- President, Intertype Corporation^
BENNETT, WALTER C. ---- ----- President, Phelps Dodge Refining Corporation.
BIGGERS, J. D. -------------- President, Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company,
Toledo, Ohio.
BLAND, T. NOEL -------------

Executive Vice President & General Manager,
Pibreboard Products, Inc., San Francisco.

BOOS, L. C. ----------------

President & General Manager, United States
Rubber Export Co.


President, The Commonwealth & Southern
Corporation of New York.


--- -----Vice President & Controller, Westinghouse
Air Brake Company, Wilmerding, Pennsylvania.

BRANSOME, E. D. ------------ President, Mack Trucks, Inc.
BRISTOL, H. P. ------------- Chairman of the Board, Bristol-Myers

-1 -

BROWN, R. I. -------------- President, The Mississippi Power & Light
Company, Jackson, Mississippi.
BRUGLER, MERCER ------------- President, Pfaudler Company, Rochester,
New York,
BRYANT, P. S. --------------- Vice President, Standard Oil Company of
California, San Francisco, California.
BURCH, L. R . ---------------- Chairman of the Board, New York Air Brake
BURWELL, W. R. -------------- Chairman of the Board, The Brush Development
Company, Cleveland, Ohio.
CAESAR, ORVILLE S. ---------- President, Greyhound Corporation, Chicago,
CASE, HADLEY ----------------

President, Case, Pomeroy & Company, Inc.

CASTO, C. E. ---------------- President, Ward Baking Co.
CATES, LOUIS S. ------------- Chairman of the Board, Phelps Dodge Company.
HENEY, A. A. --------------- Chairman of the Board, Parrel-Birmingham
Co., Inc.
CROCKER, PAUL E. ------------ Vice President & Treasurer, Pepperell
Manufacturing Company, Boston, Massachusetts.
CULLEN, VINCENT ------------- President, National Surety Corporation.
DAVELER, ERLE V. ------------ Vice President, American Zinc, Lead &
Smelting Company.
DAVIES, PAUL ----------------

President, Pood Machinery Corp., San Jose,

DAY, WILLIAM M. ------------- Vice President, Michigan Bell Telephone
Company, Detroit, Michigan.
DIBBLE, L. A. ---------------

President, The Eastern Malleable Iron
Company, Naugatuck, Connecticut.

DIETZ, ARTHUR 0. ------------ President, C.I.T. Financial Corporation.

DIETZ, WALTER -------------

President, Electrolux Corporation.

-2 -


President, Middle South Utilities, Inc.

ECKER, FREDERIC W. ----------Financial Vice-President, Metropolitan. Life
Insurance Company.
EKMAN, E. V. ---------------- Chairman of the Board, Electrolux Corporation.
ENGLAND, B. L. --------------

President-General Manager, Atlantic City
Electric Company, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

FAUS, NORTON T. ------------- Partner, Gilbert MacKay Associates.
FAUST, WALTER L. — ---------- Vice President, Socony-Vacuum Oil Company,
FERGUSON, MALCOLM P. -------- President, Bendix Aviation Corporation,
Detroit, Michigan.
FERGUSON, SYDNEY ------------ Chairman of the Board, Mead Corporation.
FIGGIS, D. W. --------------- Chairman of the Board, American Can Company.
FISHER, JOHN M. ------------- Vice President & Treasurer, Standard Brands
FLETCHER, ANDREW ------------ President, St. Joseph Lead Company.
FRYE, J A C K ------------------ Chairman of the Board & President, General
Aniline & Film Corporation.
GARNER, ROBERT -------------- Vice President, International Bank for
Reconstruction & Development, Washington,D.C.
GARTHWAITE, A. A. ----------- President, Lee Tire & Rubber Company of
New York Inc., Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.
GOLDSMITH, ALAN G. ---------- Vice President, Mead Corporation.
GOUBEAU, V. DeP. ------------ Vice President, RCA Victor Division, Radio
Corporation of America, Camden, New Jersey.
GOWEN, FRED H. -------------- Partner, Gilbert MacKay Associates.

GRAVES, B. I. ------------- Vice President, Tidewater Associated Oil Co.

-3 -


Vice President, Remington Rand Inc.

HARGROVE, GEORGE C. -------- Vice President, E. B. Badger & Sons Co.,
Boston, Massachusetts,

President, Ronson Art Metal Works Inc.,
Newark, New Jersey.

HARTE, THOMAS J. -----------

President, North American Cement Corporation.

HARTMEYER, L. I. -----------

Vice President, AVCO Manufacturing

HARVEY, I. J., JR. ---------

President, The Flintkote Company.

HAYES, M. J. --------------- Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company,
Rochester, New York.
HENDRICKSON, F. D. --------- President, American Hard Rubber Company.
HERRINGTON, A. W. ---------- Chairman of the Board, Marmon-Herrington
Company, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana.
HODGES, LUTHER H. ----------

Vice President, Marshall Field & Co.;
General Manager, Fieldcrest. Mills.

HOLDEN, THOMAS S. ----------

President, P. W. Dodge Corporation.

HOPKINS, BEN. F. ----------- Chairman of the Board, Cleveland. Graphite
Bronze Company,. Cleveland, Ohio.

President, The American Thread Company, Inc.

HUMMEL, R. A. -------------- President, Lone Star Cement Corporation.

President, United States Rubber Company.

HURST, PETER F. ------------

President, Aeroquip Corporation, Jaokson,

JQHANESON, NILS R. ---------

President, Cellulose Sales Company, Inc.

JOLLY, THOMAS D. -----------

Vice President, Aluminum Company of America,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

-k -

KARN, D. E. ----------------- Vice President & General Manager, Cons Timers
Power Company, Jackson, Michigan.
^■tfEELEY, WILLIAM C. ---------- President, Vanadium Corporation of America.
KEMPER, JAMES S. ------------ Chairman, Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company
of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois.
KENNEDY, G. W. -------------- President, Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Company,
Detroit, Michigan..
KUHN, C. J O H N -- ------------ Vice President, Commercial Investment Trust
KUNHARDT, K I N G S L E Y .... ..... Vice President, Guaranty Trust Company of
New Yorkj Director, Carpenter Steel Company.
LAMBERT, CHARLES F. --------- President & General Manager, Clayton &
Lambert Manufacturing Company, Louisville, Ky.
LATIMER, J. L. -------------- President, Magnolia Petroleum Company, Dallas,
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH STAGG ------ Vice President & Economist, Empire Trust
LEE, LAURENCE F. ------------ President, Peninsular Life Insurance Company,
Jacksonville, Florida..
LEWIS, ROBERT B. ------------ President, Oxford Business Surveys, Div. of
Safeway Stores, Inc., Oakland, California.
LINCOLN, E. E. -------------- Economist, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.,
Wilmington, Delaware.
LOEFFLER, G. M. ------------- Vice President, The Nestle Company, Inc.
LOVEJOY, JOHN M. ------------ President, Seaboard Oil Company of Delaware,
MABRY, E. L. ---------------- President, Vick Chemical Company.
MACKAY, GILBERT ------------- Partner, Gilbert MacKay Associates.
MARRINER, K. W. ------------- President, Winslow Bros. & Smith Co., Boston,
MARSHALL, M. L E E ------------ Chairman of the Board, Continental Baking Co.


President, The United States Leather Company.

McCOLLUM, L. F. ------------

President, Continental Oil Company, Ponca
City, Oklahoma.

McCORD, W. C. --------------

President, Southland Life Insurance Company,
Dallas, Texasc


President, Homestake Mining Company.


Vice President, Minneapolis-Honeywell
Regulator Company.


Partner, Gilbert MacKay Associates.

MILLER, WARD A. ------------ Vice President, Vanadium Corporation of
MINCKLER, R. L. ------------ President, General Petroleum Cor;.., Sub­
sidiary of Socony-Vaeuum Oil Company, Inc.,
Los Angeles, Caliiornia.
MORONEY, CARL J. ----------- President, Spreckels Sucar Co., San Francisco,
MUDD, HARVEY S. ------------

President, Cyprus Mines; Director, Texas Gulf
Sulphur Co., Los Angeles, California.

MUNN, CHARLES G. -----------

President, Reynolds Spring Company, Jackson,

MUNSON, CHARLES S. ---------

Chairman of the Board, Air Reduction Company,

MYERS, HARRY G. ------------

President, The Standard Products Company,
Cleveland, Ohio,

MYERS, JAMES L. ------------

President, The Cleveland Graphite Bronze
Company, Cleveland, Ohio.

NORBERG, CARL F. -----------

Vice President, Electric Storage Battery
Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

NORTON, DANIEL -------------

President, The Nestle Company, Inc.

PAGE, ROBERT G. ------------

President, Phelps Dodge Corporation.

•^AINE, PETER ---------------

President. New York & Pennsylvania Co., Inc.
-6 -

PARKER, J. H E B E R ----------- Chairman of the Board, The Carpenter Steel
Company, Reading, Pennsylvania.
W A R K H U R S T , GEORGE L. ------PATERSON, A. B. ------------

President, Oronite Chemical Company; Vice
President, Standard Oil Company,
San Francisco, California.
President, New Orleans Public Service Inc.,
New Orleans, Louisiana.

PETERSEN, A. Q. ------------ President, Wesson Oil & Snowdrift Co., Inc.,
New Orleans, Louisiana.
PETERSON, J. W. ------------ -President, United States Tobacco Company.
PEYTON, BERNARD------------ President, New York Air Brake Company.
POGUE, JOSEPH E. ----------- -Vice President, Chase National Bank.
PUCKETT, B. EARL ----------- -President, Allied Stores Corporation,
RAIBLE, C. G. -------------- President & General Manager, The Fanner
Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio,
RAUCH, HEURY ---------------

Executive Vice President, The American
Thread Company, Inc.


Vice President, Celanese Corporation of

RICHARDSON, H. S M I T H ------- Chairman of the Executive Committee, Vick
Chemi cal Comp any.

President, Robertshaw-Fulton Controls
Company, Greensburtt, Pennsylvania


President, Opinion Research Corporation,
Princeton, N e w Jersey,

ROCKWELL, COL. W. F. ------- Chairman of the Board, Rockwell Manufacturing
Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
ROVENSKY, JOHN E. ---------- Chairman of the Executive Committee, American
Car & Foundry Company.

Chairman of the Board, Patino Mines &
Enterprises Consolidated, Inc,

ROWE, P. C. --------------- Executive Vice President, The Flintkote Co.

-7 -

RUTHENBURG, LOUIS ----------- Chairman of the Board, Servel, Inc.,
Evansville, Indiana.
_„>AFFORD, GEN. HERMON F . ---- Executive Vice President, The Ohio Rubber
Company, Willoughby, Ohio.
SHIELDS, R. McC. ------------ Partner, Gilbert MacKay Associates.
SMITH, H. DeWITT ------------ Vice President, Newmont Hining Corp.;
Director, Phelps Dodge Corp.
SPARKS, H. G. --------------- President-General Manager, The SparksWithington Company, Jackson, Michigan.
SPATTA, GEORGE -------------- President, Clark Equipment Company,
Buchanan, Michigan.
SPERRY, L. M. ---------------

President, Scovill Manufacturing Company,
Waterbury, Connecticut.

STEINKRAUS, H. W. ----------- Chairman of the Board & President, Bridgeport
Brass Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut.
STURGIS, HENRY S. ----------- Executive Vice President, First National Bank
of New York.
SWEATT, C. B. --------------- Executive Vice President, MinneapolisHoneywell Regulator Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
SWENSRUD, SYDNEY ------------ President, Gulf Oil Corporation, Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania ,>
TIFFANY, KENNETH C. --------- Vice President, Burroughs Adding Machine
Comp any, Detroit, Mi chi ;■an.
TOWER, N E L S O N --------------- Vice President, J. P. Stevens & Co., Inc.
TULLIS, H. H. --------------- Vice President, The American Rolling Mill
Company, Middletown, Ohio.
TURNER, W. 0. ---------------

President, Louisiana Power & Light Company,
New Orleans, Louisiana.

TYSON, CHARLES R. ----------- President, John A. Roebling’s Sons Company,
Trenton, New Jersey.
WENDT, EDGAR F. ------------- President, Buffalo Forge Company, Buffalo,
New York.
WENDT, HENRY W. ------------- Chairman of the Board, Buffalo Forge Company,
Buffalo, New York.

- 8 -

WHITING, JUSTIN R. ---------- President, Consumers Power Company, Jackson,
^JHITNEY, CORNELIUS VANDERBILT-The Under-Secretary of Commerce, Washington,
D. C.
WILDE, PRAZAR B. ------------ President, Connecticut General Life Insurance
Company, Hartford, Connecticut*
WILLIAMS, A. L. W. ---------- President, The Brush Development Company,
Cleveland, Ohio.
WILLIAMS, PERRY ------------- Executive Vice President, Kelsey-Hayes Wheel
Company, Detroit, Michigan.
WILSON, JOSEPH C. ----------- President, The Haloid Company, Rochester,
New York.
YOUNG, HOWARD I. ------------ President, American Zinc, Lead & Smelting Co.,
St. Louis, Missouri.
ZEDER, PRED M. -------------- Vice Chairman of the Board, Chrysler
Corporation, Detroit., Michigan.
ZELLERBACH, J. D. ----------- President, Crown Zellerbach Corp.,
San Francisco, California.
ZENNER, PHILIP M. ----------- Chairman of the Board, The McBee Company.
ZIVIAN, MAX J. --------------

President, Detroit Steel Corporation,
Detroit, Michigan.

-9 -