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However, since we failed in the past to remedy the basic causes
of world conflict, we find ourselves today confronted with the immediate
and pressing need for providing more adequate national defense in an effort
to forestall the outbreak of another world war.

Another global war would mean

total war with atonic and all other weapons of destruction, and likely could
not be won by anyone; on the contrary, it might well lead to the total destruc­
tion of civilization itself.

I believe that the people of the world, includ­

ing the Russian masses, are against war, because modern war places every man,
woman, and child in the front line of battle, exposing them to suffering and
hardship beyond the limits of human endurance.
the meaning of space and time —

Warfare today has obliterated

land distances and ocean barriers no longer

afford protection; the whole earth has been encompassed into a relatively
snail neighborhood.

We must not, therefore, allow ourselves to think of war

as inevitable, for, to quote from a recent editorial, "out of another war
would come such an abomination of destruction and anniliation, such a desolate
aftermath of woe and upheaval, such sorrow and revulsion everywhere that the
only happy people would be the dead people."