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July 30, 19"8

Respectfully referred to the Governor
of the Federal Reserve Board for appropriate attention.

M, A, Durand
Secretary to Mr. James Roosevelt


F. J. Hickson,-County Treasurer
July 12, 1958

James Roosevelt,
St. Mary's Hospital
Rochester, Minn,
Dear Sir:
The purpose of this letter is to secure, if possible,
an appointment for my father.
He has been a lifetime resident of this county, which
as you no doubt know has through lean years as well as good ones
been consistently the Democratic stronghold of this State. This
consistency is especially true of the western end of this county
where my father is located in the City of Dyersville which has a
population of some 2000 or so. For nearly twenty years he was the
precint committeeman (he still is) and about half of that time,
(the latter half) he has been Vice-Chairman of the County Central
Committee. Permit me to call attention to the vote accorded your
father in his precint. In 19S2 he received somewhere over 1000
votes and Mr. Hoover about 75. The same propotion held for 1956.
During these years he was in the banking business, he having held
the position of cashier in a national bank there for some twenty
years. Shortly after we entered the thirties his bank felCi (sic)
or rather became afflicted with the result that this bank was reorganized. This process was accomplished without loss of one cent
to the depositors, without suspension of business at any time and
without assessment on capital stock beffcre or after the reorganisation. We know of no national or state bank in this state who did
as well.
Might not the selection of my father, a German Catholic
Democrat be not only logical as to ability, as to political afforts
for the party and a fitting reward to the afore-mentioned Democratic
consistency of this county. Might it not be further evidence bf
your father's interest in the for£<3tten man. The position for which
I would like to have him considered is Member of The Federal Reserve
With best wishes for a complete recovery, I am,
(signed) Elmer Willenborg
Deputy Treasurer.
References:-Wm. S. Jacobaen, Congressman 2nd Dist, His Sec'y
Patrick Kehoe, and former Sec'y Tom Slowie.
Address reply to me care of this office. Will visit you if you see fit,

July Z6, 1338

Honorable James Roosevelt
Secretary to the President
The Ihite House
fashington, D. CU
Bear Mr. fioo&evelti
will ackaoweldge Miss £urandrs
of July 20, 1958, traasaittiag a letter froa Mr. Elaer
fcilleaborgj Deputy Treasurer of Dubasque County, Iowa, to
yourself, ia which Mr* Wlllenborg suggests th&t his father
be considered ior appoiataeot a& & meaber of the Bo&rd of
Governor e of the Federal Reserve System.
Without discussing the question ox the qu&Xil'icatiotts ol* Mr. Villenborg senior, for the position named, I
might say tbftt under the f@4@r&l Eesc^rve Act only one member of the Board t&n b© appoi3Qt«d Xro» aoy oa« Federal Reserve District* Since the State of Iowa is & part of the
Seventh Federal Reserre District, aad since Governor M, S«
Szyscsak is appointed from that District, thtra is no
existing vacancy for which Mr, Biiieaborg sight be considered.
Yours sincerely,

. &• Eccles