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?Xmm hrlnt tb<s attached eenorandcm
to the President's attention ae sooa as pogs!ble, as i t i s la r#ply to the l e t t e r sent s»
with yoi^r ^esorati^ffi of the S5rd9 received this
morning, mad la tar i^fonsation on the mm wbwfelcb Kaaae© gave w ov@r the


to the President

Dear Mr• Mclntyre:
Please hirry this l e t t e r to
The President.

December ?7, 1958


Our Board acted on this and similar • -sitters on December £0, the date of
Ivan Allen's letter, Mr, Neely was reappointed at that tine. "x\ Ivan
Allen attacks Mr. Neelyfs reappointment,
3TOcat©fl the appointment of ir.
•I. ?. Allen. The facts briefly are these:
1, Kr« J. ?. Allen had served about three years vrhen his aooointment
expired in 1988, The present Board was not responsible for his original ap^ointment end was not willing to reappoint bin. We had reason to feel thr.t
he was not the right man for the place, Neither ability, business standing,
nor influence in the Comnravity justified reappointment.
E« We wanted a strong man on the boerd of the Atlanta bank, around whora
we could rebuild that board. Careful investi-rition led us to W0L Mr. Frank H.
Meely to acceot the appointment. Mr. Neely and Mr, J. ?, Allen are officials
of two Atlanta department stores. Mr. Neely's is outstandingly successful, but
this has not been the case with Mr, J, P, Allen, \-r, Neely reluctantly accepted
the anointment, doing so because be was convinced it was an opportunity for
public service. I know him to be intelligent, liberal, and public spirited.
Every aenber of our Board has had ample opportunity to judge the value of his
services. It is our unanimous opinion that he is one of the most valuable
chairmen cf the Federal Reserve banks,
5. Information from reliable sources satisfies me that Mr. Beely took
no oart in the recent Georgia election. He has never been active in political
matters. Uson inquiry, I find th^t he only knows of Bennett Clark a2 a nan in
public life, did not know that he was to be in Atlanta, was sponsoring no dinner
for him, and knew of no dinner being given for him.
4. Kr, Neely has cooperated with your Administration in many iwport^nt
fielcs of activity. Both Mr* Harry Hopkins and Kl80 Gay 5. Sheoperson know his
intimately and are familiar with his views.
5. Mr. Ivan Allen implies that Mr, J. ?, Allenf r- political support is
valuable. From information I have, I would not regard "him as • political asset
to any one or any cause; in fact quite the contrary. I think the same applies
to Kr. Ivan Allen.
S« Mr. Ivan Allen refers to the recent appointment of Mr. ?fericn Ssltl) as
attorney for the BotxSlng Administration, and says thr.t ho is a deserter fits* the
New Deal. As stated in Ur. Allen's letter, Hr, cinith Is Mr, Ronald Ransom's
brother-in-law. I do not know what this has to do ??ith the subject matter of his
letter, but have called It to Mr« I.anso^'s attention. He states that by no stretch
of the imagination could Hr, Smith ever bare been classed as e New Dealer. In the
recent race In Georgia he actively supported Senator George. He is a member of a
large law firm with a. number of partnersf having an extensive practice and receiving employment froi? many clksees of clients. It eight be interesting to you to know
that Kr« Smith was a stronpr advocate of Hr« <!• P. Allen for reappointment tc the
board of the Atlanta bank in 1956, His daughter married Mr. J. ?. Allen1s son.
If we can furnish you any further Information on any of these matters|
please let •

Reminder to President:
Mr. Frank Neely comes up for reappointment
in December as Class C Director and Chairman of the
Board of the Federal Reserve Bank. Liberals in this
State are very anxious to see Mr. J. P. Allen succeed
him. We will have Mr. Allen helping our liberal movement in Georgia whether he succeeds Neely or not, but
we feel he should displace him for the reasons
enumerated in ray last memorandum.
Mr. Neely not only openly fought me in the
Senate race but he, together with Clarke Howell, are
sponsoring a dinner for Bennett Clark of Missouri in
Atlanta during month of December.
Mr. Allen is more capable, more popular and
more deserving in every respect than Frank Neely.
Mr. Allen can be indispensable to our paper, Georgia
Homestead, since he has been President of the Georgia
Retail Merchants Association for the past fifteen


December 23, 1938


She attached is self-explanatory.

Secretary to the President


Atlanta, Ga.
December 20, 1938.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt
The 1?hite House
Washington, D. C.
Dear President Roosevelt:I am taking the liberty of writing you with reference to
Mr* James P. Allen, Atlanta (no relation of mine) who was a Class
n M
C Director of the Federal Reserve Bank under dear old Gene
Black1 s Administration and largely through the influence of Mr.
Ronald Ransom, who is now on the Federal Reserve Board, Mr. Frank
Neely, a Department Store Manager, was appointed at the end of Mr.
J. P. Allenfs first term.
I understand that Mr. Neelyfs term expires December
and I am asking the appointment of Mr. J. P. Allen, because he is
the most influential and leading merchant of the State; he is an
outspoken New Dealer; he is an able businessman and he helped Cam
Dorsey and me in both the Democratic Campaigns for funds. He resigned from Senator Georgefs Committee to help Mr. Lawrence Camp
and is now Chairman of the Atlanta Jefferson Day Dinner.
I do not dislike Mr. Frank Neely, but I do not consider
him a friend of the Administration or a New Dealer, or that he ever
will be one. Now is the time to purge the Heads of Departments who
are disloyal and through them go down the line, starting off with Mr.
Neely and Mr. Scott Candler first.
Please do not think I am presumptuous, Mr. President, but
we the New Dealers who hold no pay jobs ourselves feel quite helpless iwhen deserters of the Administration continue to hold high office
and continue to get appointments. Just the other day my friend, Mr.
Marion Smith, son of Senator Hoke Smith and brother-in-law of Mr.
Ronald Ransom was given a $5000.00 appointment as attorney for the
Housing Admini strati on, etc.

I did not intend to write such an e xtended letter.
(Signed) Ivan Allen.