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January 17 t 1938


Honorable Marriner S. Eccles,
Chairman, Board of Governors,
federal Heserve System.

My dear Mr. Chairman:
I attach a note which I have just received
from Mr. Frank H. Foy, State Director, the National
Emergency Council, Boston, Massachusetts, in the
interest of Mr. Martin J. Mulroy, 60 Filbert Street,
Qulncy, Massachusetts. Would you be so kind as to
let me have a report on this matter which I may, in
turn, send on to Mr. Foy?

Many thanks*

etary to the President

January 21, 1938,



Mr, James Roosevelt



Chairman Eccles

Herewith I am returning Mr. Frank H. Foy f s letter
to you of January 3d in which he requests your help in obtaining a position with the Federal Reserve System for
Martin J. Mulroy of Quincy, Massachusetts. Inclosed also
is a formal letter to you which you might wish to send to
Mr. Foy.
For your own information, the Board here has to
be particularly scrupulous about atteapting to influence
personnel appointments at the various Federal Reserve
banks. Under the law these banks have full discretion in
such matters and the Board here in Washington has no
authority except over the general expenses of the twelve
banks, and except where the law specifies that the appointments of the presidents and first vice presidents of the
several banks shall be Baade by the directors of such banks
with the approval of this Board. Accordingly, it would
not be appropriate or helpful in such a case as this to
try to bring any pressure to bear from here.


January 21, 1938*

M& dear Mr. Roosevelt:
Thi& is to acknowledge receipt of your Inquiry
with regard to Mr* Frank H. Foy f s letter to you of
January 3d requesting your assistance in obtaining an
appointment for Mr. Hartin J. Httlroy, of 50 Filbert
Street, Quincy, Massachusetts, as a bank examiner with
the Federal Reserve System,
I assume froa Mr. Foy's letter that Mr. Hulroy
has already filed an application with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, but if that is not the case, the
appropriate procedure would be for his to do so. If
the application has already been filed, then the question of whether there is a vacancy available for a
position that Mr. Sulroy might fill should be referred
directly to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, inasmuch
as in the selection of personnel the discretion and responsibility rest entirely with the various Federal Reserve banks.
Accordingly, it would be advisable for Mr. Foy
on behalf of Mr. Mulroy, or for the latter himself, to
coanunicate directly with the Federal Heserve Bank of
Boston in connection with this natter.
Sincerely yours,

M. S. Ecclea,
Honorable Janes Roosevelt,
Secretary to the President,
The White House.