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February 10, 1941

My dear Mr, President?
Prior to receiving your memorandum of February 4,
Harry Woodring telephoned to me and asked me to support him
for President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City*
I told his frankly that the choice of a successor to George
Hamilton, who has reached retirement age, is up to the board
of directors of that bank, and that our Board had nothing at
all to do with it until a name was submitted to us for approval.
G. A. Worthington, First Vice President of the bank,
a career man, is the next in line. In nsy judgment he is w e n
qualified by training, experience and general capacity to succeed Hamilton. It would be a striking departure that would be
likely to cause such unfavorable public reaction if Worthington
were passed over for a man who, however competent he may be in
other fields, is not qualified by training and experience for
an important administrative banking position of this character.
I could not with propriety attempt to influence the board of
directors of the bank even if I felt that Woodring!s appointment would be an appropriate one. He has undoubtedly pressed
his claims upon that board. Washington has not interfered in
any way whatsoever. The aatter is entirely up to the Kansas
City board in the first instance. Should they decide to
change their minds and pass over Worthington for Woodring his
name would then be presented to the Board here for approval.
I do not see that there is anything that I can properly do until and unless the bank board proposes his name for approval,
and that I think would be very unlikely to happen.
I appreciate your interest and felt you would wish
to know exactly what the situation Is.
Respectfully yours,

The Honorable
The President of the United States
The Unite House
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

M. S. Eccles


February A> 1941 •
Harry Woodring is very anxious
to be the Tenth Federal Reserve
District Chairman at Kansas City.
I understand Hamilton is about to
go out. I understand that Worthington
is his Assistant and that Worthington
Is a good No* 2 man but not up to
the No. 1 job.
I understand Woodring would
be elected if Washington did not
interfere. Can you do this, for

F. D. R.