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F . R. 5 1 1


Miss nlgbert

I think the chairman ought
to dodge this one. It sounds
fishy to me,too. Can't you
tell them he will not be
available Saturday,or whenever
they propose to call?





. Thurston:
The library was unsuccessful in
finding out anything about the American
Peace Delegation.
It is not connected with any trade
union. The Council for Prevention of War,
who claim to have complete list of all
peace organizations, had never heard of
them and were of the opinion that there
is something "fishy" about them - perhaps
a group of people who have gotten together
and decided to call themselves a delegation.
The Department of Labor library had
never heard of them.
Miss Rackstraw called the number given Re 7965 - and tried to obtain some information
there, but they wouldn't give out anything without knowing who v/as calling, so she didn't get
anywhere with that.
The library feels sure that if the t^o
sources mentioned do not knov; of them, that
they roust be either a newly organized group or
one without standing. The library doesn't
know of any other lolace to inauire.







3Feb?ral lureau of 3mi?fift§attiii!
Inttefc &UUB Srparttttfttt of Unsttie
2Haaf|in0tan, 8. (E.
December 12, 1940
Honorable Marriner S. Eccles

Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. Eccles*
Confidential information hes been received by
the New York City Office of this Bureau to the effect
that the Executive Committee of the American Peace Mobilization has decided upon staging a "March on
Vfeshington" on Saturday, December 14, 1940* The plans
made call for approximately 100 delegates leaving New
York City on the evening of December 13, 1940, to
arrive in Washington, D.C. at about noon on the following day.
It has been reported that these delegates intend calling upon you, Honorable Henry Morgenthau, Jr.>
Honorable Jesse Jones and other officials in Washington,
to influence the policy of the Federal Government against
loans or credits for England.
Later information from the same confidential
source is to the effect that plans for a visit to
Washingion by delegates of the American Peace Mobilization on December 14, 1940, may be postponed, inasmuch as there is an indication that the delegates
would not be permitted to enter Washington,
While you may already be advised of this activity on the pert of members of the American Peace
Mobilization, I wanted you to have this information
for your consideration.
•Sincerely yours,

December 14, 1940.

Honorable J, Idgar hoover,
Federal Bureau of Investigation,
United otates Department of Justice,
Washington, I). C.

". I hoover:

This is to thank you for your confidential letter
of December 12, to advise me of the intention of the '^onerican
Peace Mobilization" to march on • Vashington in ^rder to protest
to various public officials, including myself, against loans
or credits for the British.
Last Tuesday my office received a telephone call
from a woman, purporting to represent the ijaerican Peace
delegation and telephoning from Btpgblio 7965, which she said
was their headquarters« .-he requested that an appointment be
made for delegates to meet T?ith me. Inquiry failed to elicit
from her satisfactory information as to the identity of the
delegates or their purpose. Further investigation only added
to our doubts about this group, and the m n
who telephoned
was accordingly advised that M B * responsible head of the
organization should •.-rite a letter Btat
the organization
was and way it vai desired to have the appointment. She said
that ';ould be done, but no further word has been received by
this office.
I appreciate your advising a* further about the
siatter. should additional information come to my office I
shall pass it along to you at once.


U. 8« Eccles,