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Form P. R. 511 (a)

General Files:
As I was on leave at this time I do
not know what documents Miss Benton turned over to Mr, Morrill — I will appreciate
being advised whether or not Mr. Morrill
had copies of the documents made before
returning the originals to the White House
and also to have copies of them if you
have such.
V. Egbert



December 14, 1943

iiy dear Mr. Eccles:
The President is quite anxious to have the White
House files complete with respect to all official documents*
He, therefore, requests that you have the files of your organization examined and that you return to this office the
originals of all documents, and any accompanying correspondence, of the following description:
All original letters, reports and memoranda addressed to the President since March 4> 1933• This would
include any documents which might have been referred to your
office for the purpose of (a) drafting a reply for the Presidents signature; (b) as a reminder to an official to speak
about to himj (c) for the information of your officej and
(d) to take specific action upon as directed* There should
also be included documents on which he has written, f10.K*ri
It would not include any documents of which you
have only copies• Nor does it include any correspondence or
reports referred to your organization to act upon independently*
I hope that you will undertake to do this as soon
as possible and let me have a report on the progress of your
examination which I may show to the President.
Very sincerely yours,
(Signed) Grace G. Tully
Grace G* Tully
Private Secreta:ry
Honorable Marriner S* Eccles,
Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System,
Washington, D. C.





Chairman Eccles


Mr. Mo r r i l l


December IB, 1943


There is attached a copy of a letter received under date
of December 14, 1943* from the private secretary to the President
asking that there be returned to the White House the originals of
all documents described in the letter. It is believed that there
are very few, if any, documents of the kind referred to in the
letter in the Board1s files. It will not be practicable to make a
search of all the files for these items and, therefore, it will be
necessary to rely upon the recollection of the members of the
Board and the staff for a determination of any documents to be returned.
It will be appreciated, therefore, if you will let me
know whether you recall any instances of the receipt from the
Ihite House of items which might be of the kind referred to in the
letter. This memorandum is being sent to all of the members of
the Board and the heads of the divisions of the Board1s staff so
that as complete a survey as is practicable in the circumstances
can be made in response to the request.