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October 15, 1937

Certain measures, all more or less extreme, which the SEC could take
under existing law.


With the permission of the President, close the Exchange for an
indefinite period that cannot be more than 90 days.

2. Without such permission, close the Exchange for one or more specified
periods of not more than 10 days.
3. Without such permission, but for limited periods, prohibit trading
on the Exchange at any time in any stock at any price more than
percent above or below the closing price of that stock on the
preceding day, or on the latest previous day on which there was
any trading in the stock.

After certain preliminaries, including hearing the Exchange, cut
down the number of trading hours — as by prohibiting trading on
Saturdays or for more than 3 or 4 hours on other days.

*>• Exempt all securities, or any specified class of securities, from
any or all of the provisions of any of the Commission's own regulations under the Securities Exchange Act of 1954, or from all of
the provisions of the Boardfs Regulations T or TJ, or from any or
all of the provisions of the Securities Exchange Act itself.