G. William Miller Papers, 1977-1981

Jimmy Carter Library

This collection consists of material reflecting G. William Miller's role as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve (March 8, 1978-August 6, 1979) and the United States Secretary of the Treasury (August 6, 1979-January 20, 1981). Included are briefing books, memorandums, reports, publications, and other print material. The topics cover Chrysler Loan Guarantee Board, Iranian Hostage Crisis, inflation, monetary policy, economy, Federal Reserve Chair Nomination and Secretary of the Treasury Nomination.

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The documents available on FRASER represent only a portion of the complete collection available at the Jimmy Carter Library. Items which fall under copyright restrictions, such as newspaper and journal articles, have been removed.

Additional information about the complete collection is available at

The documents available in this collection have been digitized by the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, in partnership with FRASER.


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