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As It Happened: Economic Data and Publications as Snapshots in Time Robert Rasche Katrina Stierholz Robert Suriano Julie Knoll  First colu mn  Last colu mn  First observation  11-Jan-66  24-Sep-04  Jan-48  Exports of Goods and Services Constant  Jan-66  24-Sep-04  Mar-47  Exports of Goods and Services Current  Jan-66  1-May-04  Mar-46  Government Purchases of Goods and Services, Constant  Jan-66  1-Mar-04  Mar-47  Government Purchases of Goods and Services, Current  Jan-66  1-Mar-04  Mar-46  Gross Domestic Product, Constant Prices  Jan-66  1-Mar-04  Mar-47  Gross Domestic Product, Current Prices  Jan-66  1-Mar-04  Mar-46  Gross Private Domestic Investment, Constant  Jan-66  1-May-04  Mar-47  Gross Private Domestic Investment, Current  Jan-66  1-May-04  Mar-46  Imports of Goods and Services, Constant  Jan-66  1-Jun-04  Mar-47  Imports of Goods and Services, Current  Jan-66  1-Jun-04  Mar-46  Industrial Production  May-27  1-Jan-04  Jan-19  Output per Man Hour, Business Sector  Jun-68  1-Jun-04  Mar-47  Output per Man Hour, Nonfarm Business Sector  Jun-68  1-Jun-04  Mar-47  17-Jan-66  24-Sep-04  Jan-39  PCE, Constant  Jan-66  1-Aug-99  Mar-47  PCE, Current  Jan-66  1-Aug-99  Mar-46  19-Jan-66  1-May-04  Jan-46  Monthly Personal Income, Real  Nov-76  Sep-04  Jan-48  Monthly Disposable Personal Income, Constant  Jan-79  Sep-04  Jan-48  Monthly Disposable Personal Income  Jan-79  Sep-04  Jan-48  17-Jan-66  1-Aug-99  Jan-47  Unit Labor Costs, Private Business Sector  Jun-68  2-Jul-04  Mar-47  Real Manufacturing and Trade Sales  Nov-76  Sep-04  Jan-48  Series Name Civilian Employment  Payroll Employment  Monthly Personal Income, Nominal  Retail Sales, Nominal  Federal Reserve System Board of Governors  Federal Reserve Banks     12 different banks  Why St. Louis? Homer Jones  Monetarists/Keynesians  Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review  Empirical data   Data publications produced         Triangles of US Economic Data (monthly, Jan 1966-May 1967) Triangles of US Economic Data: Quarterly Supplement (Jan 1966-May 1967) USFD (weekly, January 1966- ) Monetary Trends (monthly, June 1967- ) National Economic Trends (monthly, August 1967 - )  Electronic Data, and other problems FRED  Library issues  Archived data   Economic Data at STLFRB Data publications  FRED  FRASER       Development & process Where we are  Future projects  Data Publications       Economic Publications  Regional Economist, Review Statistical Reports  Monetary Trends, National Economic Trends, International Economic Trends, US Financial Data Federal Reserve System Reports  Beige Book, Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization, Minutes of the FOMC  FRED    Over 3,000 economic time-series Data from Department of Labor, Department of Census, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, Office of Management and Budget    Data accessible in flat text (ASCII), spreadsheet (MS Excel)    Data graphically displayed online    Email notification when updated    FRASER         Electronic archive of historic economic statistical publications All Bank Statistics, Annual Statistical Digest, Banking and Monetary Statistics, Economic Indicators, Productivity and Costs Future additions include Business Conditions Digest and the Economic Report of the President Extension of data series available on FRED  FRASER workflow Publication  Scanner  TIFF files  File cleaning  OCR  Original TIFF files  Archive  PDF files  Image Preparation (File Cleaning)   Removal of non-published marks and imperfections Imaging imperfections  Misalignment  Handwritten notations and highlighting  Library stamps   FRASER Production Status Total pages scanned: 72,923 Total pages cleaned: 45,807 Total hours: 563* Cost per completed (scanned & cleaned) page: $0.08* * June – October 2004  Future Projects Metadata Increase the usefulness of FRASER  ALFRED Archival library of real-time economic and financial data  Union Catalog Information and direct links to economic resources  Scanning and Preparation Tools Kodak i260 document scanner  Kodak Capture Software  ScanSoft PaperPort  ABBYY FineReader   OCR Considerations • Quality of original • Printed text size • Scanning resolution vs. file size Business Statistics, 100%  Business Statistics, 400%  • Accuracy • Protect users from using erroneous data  PDF Security Password security  Restricted documents       Opening Editing Printing  Disable copying of text, images, and other content  Enable text access for screen reader devices   Website Software Red Hat Linux  Apache  PostgreSQL  PHP  PDFLib+PDI   PostgreSQL Chosen over MySQL  Advanced features       Transactions Foreign key relationships Other (Subqueries, Views, Stored Procedures)  PDFLib+PDI Extension to PHP  Dynamic PDF generation  Modify existing PDFs  Used for single page downloads and grouped page files   Back-Up Procedures CVS (Concurrent Versions System)  Database Dump Files  Tape backups  Contingency servers  Hard drive failover  Original file archive   Data Entry – Administration Web Forms  Technical Information Websites   Kodak Document Scanner:    Kodak Capture Software    Fujitsu Scanners:    ScanSoft PaperPort:    ABBYY FineReader:    Red Hat Linux:    Apache:    PostgreSQL:    PHP:    PDFLib+PDI:  For more information
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