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Boston Fed announces Main Street
Lending Program is Fully
Open for Purchases of 95% Participations in Main Street
Program Loans
July 6, 2020

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on Monday announced that the Main Street
Lending Program is now fully operational, ready to purchase participations in eligible
loans that are submitted to the program by registered lenders. The Federal Reserve
encourages lenders to begin submitting qualifying loans.
“This is an important milestone for the Main Street program,” said Eric Rosengren,
president of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank, which is administering the program for
the Federal Reserve System. “Given the pandemic’s shock to the economy, and its
uncertain duration, support for businesses and their employees through bank lending
is critical.”
The Main Street Lending Program offers five-year loans to help credit flow to smalland medium-sized businesses that were in sound financial condition prior to the
COVID-19 pandemic.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston also announced its intention to publish in the
coming days a state-by-state listing of lenders accepting new business customers
under the Main Street program and electing to be listed.

As required by the program, lenders will assess a borrower for a Main Street loan
based on meeting the terms of the program and also the lenders’ own underwriting
standards, as part of evaluating financial condition and creditworthiness. Lenders’
loan approvals are contingent on those factors.
Lenders and borrowers can visit to find program
information, including frequently asked questions, and can subscribe for e-mail
updates. Inquiries about the program can be emailed to

Joel Werkema
(617) 973-3510

Lucy Warsh