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The Student Research File is composed of primary source documents selected from the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum's collections by its archives staff. These documents do not represent all of the library's holdings on any topic, but the Truman Library staff believes them to be the most interesting and informative documents on the given topics. Additional student research files are listed at The documents digitized for FRASER from this collection come from a single topic: "The Attempt to Achieve Stable Economic Growth During the Truman Administration."

The documents available in this collection have been digitized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, in partnership with FRASER.

Of Special Interest...

Sep 30 Economist Gerhard Colm called for full employment policies to minimize unemployment following the end of World War II in this statement.

Sep 30 Edwin Nourse expressed his frustrations in dealing with the Truman administration and with his CEA colleague, Leon Keyserling in this memo dated February 21, 1949.

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The Attempt to Achieve Stable Economic Growth During the Truman Administration (Student Research File 14)