Progress Report of the Committee on Branch, Group and Chain Banking to the Conference of Governors and Chairmen

Overview of material requested by Senator Carter Glass for the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency's survey of the operation of the National and Federal Reserve banking systems.

The Federal Reserve Committee on Branch, Group, and Chain Banking was appointed by the Federal Reserve Board on February 26, 1930. The charge to the committee was "to assemble and digest information on branch banking as practiced in the United States and elsewhere, the unit banking system of the country, and the effect of ownership of bank stocks by investment trusts and holding corporations." Ten reports, a progress report and a summary report were completed by the committee. Committee members were E.A. Goldenweiser, Chairman, Director of Research and Statistics, Federal Reserve Board; Ira Clerk, Deputy Governor, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; M.J. Fleming, Deputy Governor, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland; L.R. Rounds, Deputy Governor, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; and E.L. Smead, Chief, Division of Bank Operations, Federal Reserve Board. J.H. Riddle served as Executive Secretary and Director of Research.