Treasury-Federal Reserve Study of the Government Securities Market

This three part report was prepared by the United States Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve System in a joint inquiry into the functioning of the Government securities market. The intent of the study was to point the way toward improvement in the market's mechanisms and to the prevention of speculative excesses in the market.

Part I of the study, issued in July 1959, summarizes the informal consultations conducted by the Treasury-Federal Reserve study group with individuals associated with or informed about the functioning of the market.
Part II of the study, Factual Review for 1958, is an analytical report on the performance of the Government securities market in 1958, with special reference to the build-up in market speculation prior to midyear and its liquidation during ensuing months of declining securities prices and rising interest rates.
Part III contains suggestions received through informal consultations with market participants and observers, together with the findings from the factual record of last year's market performance, indicated the need for certain supplementary studies of specialized and technical focus.

1959 to 1960



FR 1.2:SE 2/


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