Federal Open Market Committee Meeting Minutes, Transcripts, and Other Documents

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Prior to 1993, the type of material now included in the FOMC Minutes was divided between two separate documents: The Record of Policy Actions and the Minutes of Actions. In the context of the Freedom of Information Act, the FOMC began releasing more information about its proceedings. While Records of Policy Actions gave background for monetary policy decisions, they did not provide information on such things as who attended FOMC meetings, and what topics, besides monetary policy, were discussed. The Minutes of Actions, first released in 1967, were designed to provide this information. They were made available to the public on the same schedule as the Record of Policy Actions. A summary of the various reports from the Federal Open Market Committee since is was established in 1935 is available at the FOMC website.

Since October 2007, economic projections have been made available in January, March, June, and October, appended to end of the FOMC minutes. Prior to October 2007, the data on the forecasts of FOMC participants were published twice a year as part of the Monetary Policy Reports to Congress (Humphrey-Hawkins Hearings).

Committee History:
Open Market Investment Committee, 1923-1930
Open Market Policy Conference, 1930-1933
Federal Open Market Committee, 1933-present

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