Diaries of Charles S. Hamlin

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Handwritten diaries by Charles S. Hamlin, and index-digests that can be used to find diary entries on particular topics. These files were digitized from microfilm copies held at the Library of Congress. Additional information on Charles Hamlin's diaries, and the accuracy of information in the diaries, is available in a 1954 memorandum and a 1955 memorandum prepared by the Committee on the History of the Federal Reserve System, also available on FRASER.

Hamlin served as Governor of the Federal Reserve Board (since the Banking Act of 1935, the title of this position has changed to Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) from August 10, 1914 to August 9, 1916, and remained a member of the Federal Reserve Board until February 3, 1936.

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1913 to 1915