H.15 Selected Interest Rates

Publication History:
1979-present Selected Interest Rates (H.15)
1956-1975 U.S. Government Security Yields and Prices (H.15)
1976-1977 Open Market Money Rates and Bond Prices (H.15)
1977-1979 Selected Interest Rates and Bond Prices (H.15)

Releases are available on the website of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for 1996 – present.

Related to: Selected Interest Rates (G.13, Monthly).

1979 to 1996


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Reported as of December 29, 1989 (493.8K)

Reported as of January 5, 1990-Reported as of December 30, 1994 (126.1M)

Reported as of January 6, 1995-Reported as of June 14, 1996 (37.2M)