Federal Reserve Bulletin

The monthly Federal Reserve Bulletin was introduced in 1915 by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System to present policy issues and provide a journal of record of the activities of the Board. The Bulletin was also constructed to present data in the areas of business, finance, and international transactions that affect U.S. monetary policy and the goals of the Federal Reserve System. Authors from the Federal Reserve Boards' Research and Statistics, Monetary Affairs, International Finance, Banking Supervision and Regulation, Consumer and Community Affairs, Reserve Bank Operations, and Legal divisions contribute to the contents published in each issue. The Bulletin includes topical research articles, legal developments, Report on the Condition of the U.S. Banking Industry, and other general information.

In 2006, the regular publication of paper issues was discontinued and replaced with an annual compilation available online. Between 2004 and 2008, the Financial and Business Statistics section of the Bulletin was published monthly as the Statistical Supplement to the Federal Reserve Bulletin. This data is now only available as Data Sources at this website http://www.federalreserve.gov/pubs/supplement/statsupdata/statsupdata.htm

1914 to 2009

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May 1915-December 1919 (26.7M)

January 1920-December 1924 (29.6M)

January 1925-December 1929 (28.7M)

January 1930-December 1934 (29.4M)

January 1935-December 1939 (17.7M)

January 1940-December 1944 (28.5M)

January 1945-December 1949 (28.5M)

June 1950-December 1950 (3.3M)

November 1966 (481.6K)

January 1971-December 1974 (34.6M)

January 1975-December 1979 (60.8M)

January 1980-December 1984 (81.9M)

January 1985-December 1989 (89.3M)

January 1990-December 1994 (104.3M)

January 1995-December 1999 (81.2M)

January 2000-Fall 2004 (22.0M)

Winter 2005-Compilation 2008 (2.5M)