G.3 Capacity Utilization in Manufacturing and Materials

Publication History:
1983-1990 Capacity Utilization, Manufacturing, Mining, Utilities and Industrial Materials (G.3, Monthly)
1976-1983 Capacity Utilization: Manufacturing and Materials (G.3, Monthly)
1967-1976 Capacity Utilization in Manufacturing (E.5, Quarterly)

In 1990, this release merged with Industrial Production (G.12.3) to form Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization (G.17).

1967 to 1990

Output and Capacity for Manufacturing and Industrial Materials

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November 1976 and Third Quarter 1976-December 1979 and Fourth Quarter 1979 (19.0M)

January 1980 and Fourth Quarter 1979-May 1983 and First Quarter 1983 (19.9M)