Survey of Current Business

A U.S. Department of Commerce monthly publication that provides data on U.S. business on the regional, national, and international levels. Among statistical series covered are personal income, inventories and sales, national income and product accounts, foreign direct investment in the United States, U.S. direct investment abroad, international transactions, and gross state product.

Beginning with the March 1922 issue of Survey of Current Business, the date on the cover referred to the date of the issue and not the date of included statistics. The March 1922 issue included statistics on industrial and commercial movements that took place in the month of January up to February 1, 1922. No issue bearing the date of February 1922 was published.

1921 to 2013

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July 1921-December 1924 (19.8M)

January 1925-December 1929 (28.4M)

January 1930-December 1934 (28.1M)

January 1935-December 1939 (28.0M)

January 1940-December 1944 (28.8M)

January 1945-December 1949 (29.9M)

January 1950-December 1954 (30.3M)

January 1955-December 1959 (30.4M)

January 1960-December 1964 (31.5M)

January 1965-December 1969 (92.7M)

January 1970-December 1974 (60.1M)

January 1975-December 1979 (36.9M)

January 1980-December 1984 (49.4M)

January 1985-December 1989 (96.8M)

January 1990-December 1994 (59.1M)

January 1995-December 1999 (30.5M)

January 2000-December 2004 (33.2M)

January 2005-November 2009 (28.8M)

January 2010-November 2013 (21.2M)