Business Conditions Digest

Business Conditions Digest (continues Business Cycle Developments) is a monthly publication of economic time series covering such data as construction contracts and orders, new building permits, employment rates, and price indices in convenient and easy-to-interpret graphical format showing peaks, troughs, and recessions. The publication is a product of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This publication was discontinued with the March 1990 issue, with business cycle indicators to be included in a new section of the Survey of Current Business, beginning with the April 1990 issue.

1968 to 1990

Composite Indexes (chart)

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January 1979-August 1979 (1.7M)

March 1982-November 1984 (2.4M)

June 1985-October 1988 (7.7M)

January 1990-March 1990 (3.1M)