Survey of Current Business. Business Statistics (Biennial Supplement)

Business Statistics is a basic reference publication designed to provide historical perspective to the statistical data published originally in the Survey of Current Business, the monthly magazine of the Department of Commerce. A wide range of economic data is presented including price and production indices for all sectors of the United States business sector. Major sections of the publication include indexes, prices, employment, finance, trade, and production by sector.

Publication history:
Survey of Current Business. Annual Supplement: 1931-1932 (annual)
Survey of Current Business. Supplement: 1936-1942 (biennial)
Statistical Supplement to the Survey of Current Business: 1947-1949 (biennial)
Survey of Current Business. Business Statistics: 1951-1991 (biennial)

1931 to 1991


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1932 (2.5M)

1936-1938 (3.7M)

1940-1942 (5.3M)

1947-1949 (3.9M)

1951-1953 (2.9M)

1955-1959 (4.6M)

1961-1963 (3.3M)

1965-1969 (4.3M)

1971-1973 (2.5M)

1975-1979 (3.6M)

1982-1984 (2.1M)

1986-1961-88 (2.3M)

1963-91 (1.1M)