Productivity and Costs

The Productivity and Costs news release presents data from the Productivity and Costs program, which measures output, labor hours used in the production of that output, and costs based on compensation.

Recent issues of Productivity and Costs news releases are available from the Bureau of Labor statistics at

1971 to 2004

Durable Manufacturing Sector - Appendix - Quarterly Data

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Third Quarter 1980 Preliminary-Second Quarter 1982 Preliminary (2.4M)

Second Quarter 1986 Preliminary-Second Quarter 1989 Preliminary (2.3M)

Second Quarter 1990 Preliminary-Third Quarter 1994 Revised (4.3M)

First Quarter 1995 Revised-Third Quarter 1999 Revised (94.5K)

Second Quarter 2000 Preliminary-Fourth Quarter 2003 Revised (81.2K)