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In partnership with the Brookings Institution, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is digitizing the archival collection of the Committee on the History of the Federal Reserve. The collection consists of over 50 linear feet of documents gathered or generated between 1954 and 1958. The Brookings Institution Archive organized these materials into 13 separate sections. For more information about the Committee, please see About the Project.

All documents posted in this collection are the property of the Brookings Institution. Access is provided with their approval. Copyright permissions should be requested directly from the Institution. Please refer to the Brookings Library for additional information.

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Apr 16 This document summarizes biographic information about the district Bank directors and chairmen, Bank presidents, and Board members who served the Federal Reserve System between 1914 and 1954 -

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Transcripts and Memoranda
This is a collection assembled by the Committee between 1954 and 1955 to provide background for the work of the Committee, and identify areas for further study. It consists of unedited notes from various interviews with former and working Federal Reserve personnel and others important to the history of the Federal Reserve System, visits to repositories, and Federal Reserve Banks.

Federal Reserve Time File
This chronological reference file, compiled between 1954 and 1956, provides information on federal government and Federal Reserve System staff and their actions between 1893 and 1956. Organized by year, the file contains brief information on policy actions by the Board of Governors, as well as summaries of hearings, legislation, and litigation affecting the System.

Federal Reserve Banks and Branches File
This reference file lists the executive and directing bodies of Federal Reserve Banks and their Branches from 1914 to 1956. It also provides information regarding the library facilities and file supervisors. Additional biographical information for individuals in this file may also be found in the Persons' File-Biographical Data.

Federal Reserve Board and Advisory Council File
This file identifies members and major staff officers of the Federal Reserve Board and its advisory council from 1914 to 1956. It also includes an incomplete listing of major U.S. Treasury officials. Additional biographical information for individuals in this file may also be found in the Persons' File-Biographical Data.

Register of Papers
Compiled by the Committee staff between 1954 and 1956, this collection documents the contents and location of collections of public and private papers deemed by the Committee to be relevant to the history of the Federal Reserve System. It should be noted that the locations listed are as of the date the file was created and no attempt has been made to determine their current whereabouts.

Bibliographical files
This collection of 3x5 cards constitutes a catalog of published and unpublished materials concerning the Federal Reserve System and related developments in domestic and international finance. Two documents, "Guide to Files of Bibliographic Cards" and "Explanatory Note on Aim and Organization of Bibliography," may assist you in using the collection.